Towards a Sustainable Energy Sector in the Caribbean and the Role of Higher Education Institutions

This document is the first output of the Project “Knowledge transfer capacity building for enhanced energy access & efficiency in the Caribbean (CAP4INNO)”, specifically Activity 1.2 Training Needs Analysis in Caribbean partner countries. The objective of this activity was to conduct an in-depth analysis of training offered and training needs of Caribbean HEI’s academic staff (in Energy, Knowledge Transfer and Innovation), as well as competences and alliances needed in the energy sector (public and private).


Please, download a copy of the project facsheet produced by the Edulink Technical Assistance Unit.

IP Teaching Resources

Both the IP Basics teaching kit and the patent teaching kit contain the tools and information you need to provide students with a lecture on IP lasting between one and two hours.

Launched in early 2014, IP Basics consists of modules covering all the different kinds of IP, while the patent teaching kit, most recently updated in 2011, focuses on the world of patents.

The kits will be of particular interest to teachers of students in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, business and law.