Needs Analysis

As part of the project’s preparation stage, the project will undertake

  1. A systematic study of experiences amongst HEI staff, students and energy sector enterprises (public& private in order to clearly share experiences and identify the strategic needs in knowledge transfer for energy/environment.
  2. An in-depth analysis of training offer in Knowledge Transfer & Innovation, of training needs of Caribbean HEI’s academic staff and of the competences needed in energy sector (public and private)

Upcoming report: Teaching innovation for engineers: trends and good practice guidelines for HEIs.

Upcoming report: Towards a sustainable energy sector in the Caribbean and the role of HEIs: challenges and opportunities

We will also be working with key stakeholders in the region and industry in developing synergies with the project. If your organisation is involved in knowledge transfer in energy/environment either internationally or within the region and you would like to share your views, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Capacity building

In order to be powerful actors in innovation and knowledge transfer, our capacity building action will target university academic and management staff.

We aim to

  • upgrade qualifications of partner HEI academic & management staff with a view to providing high-level skills required for capacity development in the energy sector, and to
  • reinforce organisational capacities for regional cooperation in knowledge transfer.

Upcoming: Training workshops on

  • Technology surveillance & state of the art search & strategies; practical hands-on training in use of free patent databases and search tools, and specialized software;
  • Strategic Management & Economics of innovation and technology transfer for engineers; energy technology feasibility & viability analysis;
  • Theory of patents, strategic patenting, political issues of IP systems, basic principles of technology licensing; forms & sources of innovation, innovation incentive systems, basic notions of IP laws, relevance of IP for innovation; IP consultants, ethical issues;
  • Business intelligence, building business strategies around IP
  • R&D Management and Fundraising for S&T projects: strategy & practice; International networking and cooperation in S&T;

With a strong focus on multiplier effect and sustainability, the project will develop training materials and courses for educators who can in turn share the knowledge with others (training the trainer approach).


Effective knowledge transfer and innovation requires the participation of all stakeholders. That is why we are also looking to extend the results to other HEIs & policy makers in the region.

Activities include

  • thematic round-tables, conference to promote regional dialogue,
  • pilot project,
  • publications, policy recommendations.